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QTV Tutor is an online quran teaching school supported by ARY TV. It is a new way to teach the Holy Quran to children of Pakistanis abroad and many elders who could not get Quranic Education in their childhood can also be benifited through this.

QTVtutor has designed courses for all ages. For children starting from basic Qaida to teach the basic Arabic. For Muslim adults they are designing programs to meet their fast pace life. While being busy they still can learn and follow Islam's basic practices such as Salaat.
All of their programs are designed after consultation of experienced and skilled teacher's panels.

Requirement for a Teacher / Student

- Personal Computer or Laptop
- Internet Connection
- Headphone and Mic Software
- Skype Application (Application can be downloaded from our Download link)

Registration Steps:
1- Register and choose your feasible plan and course
2- QTVtutor representative will contact you. An assessment test will be taken by their  tutor.
3- After making payment classes will be started according to Plan choosen by you
After 3 Free classes, you will be provided a link to make payment through Paypal.

Classes Procedure:
1- On the scheduled time you will be requested to connect on Skype
2- Tutor will start the class while using Document/Powerpoint/Flash sharings

Your comments and feedback will be valued to improve their services.


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Disclaimer: This site is not the property of QTVtutors.com and neither we pretend to do so. This is just to pay tribute to their services.